First, please be sure to read about Older Women, Cheap Travel and How We Travel because the general issues of how your travel fees will be used is explained there.

More specifics:

Older Women, Cheap Travel tours costs $100/day (or less) plus airfare to the country you are visiting.

$100/day (or less) includes administrative and tour guide costs, all transportation, lodging, breakfast (up to $5) and dinner (up to $10), entrance fees to tourist sites, special tour fees, group needs and group entertainment.

What is not covered: Alcohol, lunch, meal costs above stated price, food purchases outside of the group meals and group snacks, and private purchases (like professional photos at a tourist venues, souvenirs, Internet and phone fees, medical costs and medicines), and personal upgrades (like a sudden refusal to stay in group lodging and getting a room at the Marriott). You will need to set aside a $50 clothing allowance to purchase appropriate clothing in the country we are visiting if you do not already have such clothing (like a scarf for hijab in Muslim countries or a salwar kameez suit for travel in India or a longer skirt for visiting an area where shorter hems are not acceptable; or an emergency sweater if one is cold or a pair of flip flops if yours broke, etc).

$300.00 is the required NONREFUNDABLE fee to purchase your spot on the tour. It is first come, first serve, so if you want to be on a particular tour, the $300.00 fee is what locks you in. The remainder of the tour cost must be received no later than 30 days prior to the date of the tour or your spot will be forfeited. (There is a 72 hour grace period on the $300.00 fee and there are partial refunds on both fees under the conditions listed here:)

For the $300.00 fee: There is a partial refund if you give notice by email that you will not be going on the tour:

120 days prior to the tour: $100
90 days prior to the tour: $50

If you have paid the full cost for the tour and decide to not go during the final sixty days before the tour or you do not show up for the tour, 50% will be refunded. If your spot is filled by another person, then you will only lose the deposit of $300.00 and the remainder will be refunded.

In case of a rare disaster:

If Pat Brown suddenly becomes indisposed by illness or death, a suitable tour guide replacement will be provided. If, for any reason, this cannot be accomplished, all monies will be returned and the cost of rebooking your airline ticket for a future flight (coach fare only) will be covered if it had been purchased prior to the date of notification.

If there is a problem at the destination which makes the area of travel unsafe, the tour will be rerouted to another area of the country or to a bordering country where the tour can continue on for the same amount of time. Monies will not be refunded because the change is to a location less preferred. If it is such that we cannot land where intended due to something completely beyond the control of Older Women, Cheap Travel (war, massive earthquake, etc), all land fees will be refunded.

Both of the above scenarios are extraordinarily unlikely to ever occur, but Older Women, Cheap Travel wants you to be secure in knowing that the money you invest will not be lost.

All monies are payable to Older Women, Cheap Travel through PayPal (credit card or bank payment) or by check to:

Older Women, Cheap Travel
3540 Crain Highway #352
Bowie, Maryland

To pay using PayPal, click the submit button below: