Signing up for a trip is simple. Simply send an email to Pat Brown at stating which trip you would like to go on. If there is still room on the trip, you will receive a confirmation email that a space is available for you. Then, the $300 nonrefundable fee (There is a 72 hour grace period for changing your mind in which the full fee will be refunded) can be sent through PayPal (via your charge card or bank payment) or a check can be made out to Older Women, Cheap Travel And sent to:

Pat Brown
Older Women, Cheap Travel
3540 Crain Highway #352
Bowie, Maryland 20716

Although I have just stated that the fee of $300 is nonrefundable, IF notice is given by email that you will not be going on the trip, a partial refund of the following will be given:

120 days prior to the tour: $100.00
90 days prior to the tour: $50.00

Upon receipt and clearing of this deposit, you will receive confirmation that you are registered as one of the participants of that particular trip. 60 days prior to leaving on the trip, the remaining money must be sent to Older Women, Cheap Travel via Paypal (credit card or bank payment) or check (if it is by check, it should be sent 75 days earlier to allow for the check to properly clear). At this time, a copy of your passport information, airline ticket, any medical information you would like us to have about you, and a signed copy of the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form should also be sent via mail or scanned and emailed. These copies will be kept with Pat Brown and back at the office. In case of loss of your passport or ticket or, in the unfortunate event that something happens that requires your information to be passed on to family, medical workers, or the police, this information will be readily available. During travel, information on our location and lodging will be emailed back to the office so that a record of where we are is always available should we need to be contacted. Pat Brown will have a phone capable of international calls in case of emergency.

Should you change your mind about taking the trip or do not send in the remaining money within 60 days of travel (and, if by check, cleared by 75 days of travel), you will be removed from the trip roster and the $300.00 payment will be forfeited. If you have paid the full money for the trip and decide to not go during the final 60 days before the trip or you do not show up for the trip, 50% of your money will be refunded. If your spot is filled by another person, then you will only lose the deposit of $300.00 and the remainder will be refunded.

Important: Do NOT buy your airline ticket prior to discussing your inclusion on the trip with Pat Brown (sometimes people are not a fit) and having your deposit cleared waiver received. If the remaining payment and waiver are not received by 60 days before the beginning of the tour, you will be removed from the roster and your money forfeited.

One more thing to think about before you send the deposit in:

Ask yourself these questions and if your answer is "no" to one or more of them, you might want to rethink this tour being something you are comfortable with.

  • Are you okay with some change of plans?
  • Do you have a good sense of humor?
  • Do you love experiencing other cultures and not just seeing sites?
  • Can you go without a shower for a couple of days if you have to or be okay with taking a bath with a bucket?
  • Can you manage a toilet that is really just a hole in the ground?
  • Are you willing to try unusual foods?
  • Are you okay sharing your hotel room with someone else or sleeping in a hostel with a bunch of strangers?
  • Can you ride on a crowded bus with someone's child in your lap and a basket of live chickens on the next seat?
  • Can you enjoy another culture without always comparing it to your own?
  • Can you keep your opinions about politics and religion to yourself and just enjoy what you are learning about where you are?

If you haven't said "no" and you are smiling a bit, then you will fit in on Older Women, Cheap Travel tours just fine!

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