Older Women, Cheap Travel is heading to Mexico - October 25 - November 4, 2016

Woo Hoo! I love Mexico and I want you ladies to see it in the most vibrant way possible! Many people only think of Mexico as a beach like Cancun, full of young American partiers drinking up a storm! Or they think Mexico is just violent drug gangs shooting down the tourists (I have NEVER heard one news story of a tourist being killed by a drug cartel!)

There is a fascinating Mexico waiting for you to explore….central Mexico, busy big cities, charming small ones, and quaint rural towns and amazing scenery. We start our trip by flying into Mexico City. Below is a sample of our itinerary…with more to come (and subject to change on the fly) which should give you an idea of what you will see and do on the trip.

Day One – Tuesday Oct 25 – Arrival in Mexico City: We will be staying in the heart of Mexico City so we will be able to visit museums and parks and little restaurants….Mexico City is always a comfortable temperature and Sunday is family day….we will join them out and about. We will have a short day as everyone is just arriving, perhaps a relaxed stroll in the parks and a delicious dinner. But who knows? If everyone is all hyper from being in a new city, we could always go to the arena and see the insane, acrobatic masked Mexican wrestlers do their thing! Not to worry, though, we will be returning to Mexico City later in the trip and will have more time to explore the city in depth.

Day Two – Wednesday Oct 26 – We will take the bus two hours to the nearby charming colonial city of Puebla. First Class Buses in Mexico are awesome! Super comfortable with air conditioning, bathrooms, and movies.

Day Three – Thursday Oct 27 – We will take another two hour bus ride (but this time on a “chicken bus” – it is an experience! )to the small city of Tehuacan. This is a city most tourists pass right by which is why we will stop! It is regular Mexico and we will get a real feel for normal life. We can visit a couple of small museums, a beautiful church, and the biosphere reserve nearby which has awesome cacti!.

Day Four – Friday Oct 28 – We will probably take another chicken bus (all depends on what we feel like and what is available) on down to Oaxaca (another couple hours). This is a fabulous city which everyone raves about visiting. There is much to do and the cuisine is outstanding. We will have a great time here.

Day Five – Saturday Oct 29 – Oaxaca

Day Six – Sunday Oct 30 – We leave Oaxaca on the fancy bus and return to Mexico City. We will have all afternoon and evening to check out the city. One of my favorite places to visit is the magnificent Zocolo (the big square) and the Frida Khalo museum which is located in a lovely section of the city. Oh, and the National Palace with huge Diego Rivera Murals and the Plaza Garibaldo in the evening for Mariachi music!

Day Seven – Monday Oct 31 – We get up early to catch a bus to Teotihuacan (just a 45 minute ride). Teotihuacan is an incredible complex of pyramids, my favorite group of pyramids along with those in Egypt. After we exhaust ourselves climbing in and up the pyramids, we will bus back to the city and enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Day Eight – Tuesday Nov 1 – Two great things to do in Mexico City is to visit the zoo (I love visiting zoos in other countries; you get to mix with local families and sometimes see some really odd animal exhibits) and then we will take the light rail to Xochimilco, a beautiful town of canals and gondolas which will will board and enjoy the relaxing ride and the songs of the musicians along the way.

Day Nine – Wednesday Nov 2 – Now that you are really good at traveling in Mexico, you are ready for the final exam. We will take the metro to the edge of the city and catch a local bus to Mizquic, a small town in which will be a massive celebration for the Day of the Dead. The decorations and the fireworks, the thousands of candles, the music, the specialty food, just wow….we will join in the craziness, even going with others to the church, the plaza, and the cemetery to see the amazing work the locals have done on the graves of their loved ones. The locals are really nice to visitors who come to join them in remembering their loved ones who have passed….it will be a fantastic final day and evening in Mexico. We will return by bus and metro to our hotel, hopefully, by midnight!

Day Ten – Thursday Nov 3 – One last day in the wonderful D.F. (as you now know is how the locals call Mexico City - El Distrito de Federales).

Day Eleven –Friday Nov 4 - We say good-bye to Mexico and fly home.

Cost: $1000.00 plus airfare from your hometown.